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Phoebe Bridgers was the musical guest on SNL over the weekend. At the end of her second performance, she attempted to smash her guitar on an amp. Much of the Internet lost their minds over a young woman singer/songwriter trying to destroy her guitar.

Some were confused by the moment, while others were upset over destroying a-perfectly-good guitar. One person said this was inappropriate after almost a year of COVID. David Crosby called Bridgers’ guitar smashing attempt Pathetic.

Bridgers did confirm that the guitar smashing was planned and the company who gave her the guitar was all for her…

How the pandemic has impacted my life for a whole year.

Friday, March 13th, 2020

That morning, I went to therapy. I sat in the waiting room, feeling like a wave was about to take us all down. A woman sat down near me, there was a chair in-between us. She sneezed and I nearly had an internal meltdown from the anxiety I was feeling. Didn’t she know what was going on? Why didn’t she sit further away from me? Did she have COVID?

There was an overcast that morning. I drove home with snowflakes drifting through the air. I listened to The Daily podcast. They were talking about COVID and…


Winter is my least favorite season. The cold isn’t for me. I don’t like that I can’t go outside. Or that the weather can be drastically different from one day to the next. So even on the warmish weather days, my brain still thinks it’s freezing outside.

There was yet another snowstorm last night. We got a foot of snow. It was projected that we would get six inches. Luckily, I don’t have to go anywhere.

Although I don’t like the snow, I can appreciate the quiet nights when the snow is falling. There’s something beautiful when the night…

Amanda Gorman


I’m still thinking about Amanda Gorman’s incredible poem she read at President Joe Biden’s Inauguration last week. As a poet myself, it was amazing to watch this young woman take the world by storm with her powerful words. It was also amazing to see how people reacted to her poem.

Suddenly, a poet was in the public eye. People clung to her words for safety. She presented her poem with ease and power. Amanda was reading what we needed to hear. I have always thought the world would be a happier place if more people read poetry.

I saw…

Capitol Tour. June 2016.


One of my favorite moments from yesterday was President Biden running over during the parade and greeting Al Roker. He did the same thing during the parade for Obama’s second inauguration in 2013. I really enjoyed watching their quick exchange.

Al Roker: “It’s good to see you!”

President Biden: “We got to keep doing this!”

AR: “It’s been three hours. How does it feel Mr. President?”

PB: “It feels great!”

AR: “It feels good?”

PB: “It feels good!”

I watched this video at least twenty times yesterday. There’s just something so heartwarming about it. The President didn’t have to…

This election season has felt like years. This year has felt like years. But, that’s beside the point. We’re 14 days away from the election day. Or as an NPR reporter said on this morning’s podcast, “We’re 14 days from November 3rd, which is Election Day, though with so many people voting early or by mail, it’s really the climax of election season.”

I dropped off my ballot last Monday. I voted for Biden and Harris. This shouldn’t come as a shock from those who know me. …

Two years ago today, I woke and saw two smoke detectors on my ceiling. I thought I was going crazy. Why was I seeing double? I was able to get into the eye doctor early that morning. I was in-fact not crazy. I was seeing double and my left eye wouldn’t move up and to the left. My right eye could, but my left one wouldn’t. The weirdest part was that I could feel my brain instructing my eye to go up but it was incapable of listening because of the overwhelming amount of swelling.

I had noticed some changes…

September 29th, 2020

Washing D.C. June 2016.

If you need to register to vote or check on your voting status, click here.

A bully is in the White House. While his behavior isn’t new or unexpected, its still extremely uncomfortable to watch. I don’t know how another four years of him in office would be good for this country. Look at us, we’re divided and hurt, and he’s contributing to that division.

I want someone with character to run the country. …

Women’s March on Washington. Washing D.C. January 21st, 2017. MoMA. New York, NY. August 2018.

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“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I wanted to publish this. I even started writing another essay that was less direct than this one is. But then I realized now isn’t the time to be vague or favorable towards people’s feelings. Everyone should be allowed to have an opinion. This is mine.

Progressive is seen by some as negative. “Why must we change things when…

If you need to register to vote or check on your voting status, click here.

“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
H.L. Mencken

I have been able to vote since 2012. In every election I have voted in, it’s always been by mail. My state has universal mail-in voting. It’s been this way for quite some…

Kelly Severseike

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” -Joan Didion

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